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Citizens Initiated Referendum 2009

Final Result

25 August 2009

The Chief Electoral Officer has released the final result for the Citizens Initiated Referendum on the question
"Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

Votes Number of Votes
Percentage of Total
Valid Votes
For the response Yes 201,541 11.98%
For the response No 1,470,755 87.40%
Informal Votes 10,421 0.62%
Total Valid Votes 1,682,717 100.00%

The number of invalid votes cast was 1,685.

Voter turnout is 56.09%. Turnout is calculated by taking the total votes cast of 1,684,402 (being total
valid and invalid votes) as a percentage of the total number of voters enrolled as at 30 July 2009 (3,002,968).

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